About Shabby Dabbs Design

Shabby Dabbs Design an E-commerce business based in Austin, Texas that sells creative, handcrafted designs.

Our mission is to provide great homemade designs and a painless shopping experience. With a variety of designs up our sleeve, we are self-taught designers and makers. We strive at heart and work with care to make sure all of our designs are as strong and beautiful as they can be.

We offer designs such as, art, jewelry, keychains, bookmarks, hair accessories, paracord monkey fist keychains, paracord dog leashes and getback biker whips. We design one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces using various techniques, which are entirely self - taught. 

Our hand crafted jewelry has a modern and understated elegance which enhances a woman's individual beauty. We've learned various methods of creating beautiful designs and constantly work to perfect our art. Shop our handmade artisan jewelry with an earthy boho vibe. Unique wire wrapped pendants and earrings.