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Triangle Geometric 3D Printed Earrings

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Make a bold statement or simply have a conversation starter with these 3D printed Triangle Geometric Earrings. These are very light-weight and are perfect for all-day wear.

They are customizable in a variety of colors and printed from Eco-Friendly PLA. 

PLA is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of vegetable-based plastic material, which commonly uses cornstarch as a renewable raw material. These Earrings Measure 2" long by 2" wide, and very light-weight. Thanks for stopping by to check out our store. Any questions please feel free to contact us and let us know.

Since all products are handmade, variations in color, texture, size may occur. Mostly not noticeable.

These measure at 2 - 1/2" in length x 1 - 9/16" in width. 

On the fence about this Triangle Geometric 3D Printed Earrings? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: May 15, 2021