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This 3 in 1 braided paracord dog leash is for Walking, Running, and Hiking with your medium to large dog. A single handle provides control where you need it. The braid provides an extremely strong leash that is comfortable in your hands. Our versatile 3 in 1 leash for dogs can be used as a double dog leash and a three-way dog leash. You can walk and control 2 dogs or leash three dogs at once while maintaining safe control overall!

This leash is hand-braided using a 550 paracord that is made in the USA. Paracord is a strong and durable material, weather-resistant, and washable.

This leash provides 3 options. Use as a single leash, a short leash, which is 1 foot 6", or as a 5 foot single or double. Use as a regular leash with the provided loop.

This leash comes standard with large clips, a small clip can be provided at one end for smaller dogs upon request.

The leash measures 60" in total length.

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